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Magnetic sleep products

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Natural Pain Relief

Stress can be reduced by a good night's sleep.


Luxury magnetic mattress pad Magnetic contour pillow




Designed for a superior sleep experience featuring quilted craftsmanship with quality magnet technology.
(3950 gauss north or negative magnetic field)

01MPT Twin
(38"x74") 220 magnets 7.7kg
PRICE: $AU 995.00
NOW $497.50

02MPD Double
(53"x74") 322 magnets 11.3kg
PRICE: $AU 1,195.00
NOW $597.50

03MPQ Queen
(60"x80") 386 magnets 13.6kg
PRICE: $AU 1,395.00
NOW $697.50

04MPK King
(76"x80") 480 magnets 15.8kg
PRICE: was $AU 1,595.00
NOW $797.50




Featuring space age technology and European ergonomics this memory foam pillow allows neck and shoulders to relax and soothe away the stress and encourage a quality sleep.

05MCP Magnetic
Contour Pillow

(20"x12") 30 magnets
PRICE: $AU 300.00
NOW $150.00





This is a versatile pad that uses the same system and quality cotton damask finish as our mattress pad - but can be used for your pillow or any area of the body that needs assistance.

The pad contains the same 3950 gauss magnets as in our other bedding products.

15PP Magnetic Pillow Pad
(14"x20") 36 magnets
PRICE: was $AU 190.00
NOW $95.00


Over 300 pages of "must read" information for everyone interested in magnetic health.

Contains essential facts and case studies and is written in an easy to understand format.

19DMHB Discovery of Magnetic Health Book
PRICE: $AU 40.00

more books click here

Magnetic products are not recommended for use by those individuals with pacemakers, internal insulin pumps or any other electro medical devices and are not recommended during pregnancy. Keep magnets away from computer disks, video and audio cassettes and credit cards.
before test thermal image
Before lying on mattress. Note cool blue patterns in both shoulders. Midline spinal region shows heat which is to be expected. Cool green thermal zones on both hip regions.
after test tthermal image
After 45 minute session on the mattress pad. Dramatically increased thermal activity throughout entire back. Elimination of cool zones which appeared on the before image.


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Active Wear Supports

Lightweight and supportive magnets4therapy's
Active Wear supports include strategically placed magnets to provide maximum coverage. These products may be worn while working, playing sport or resting.
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