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Body Products

We have a range of body products suitable for most needs including single magnets. Our new active wear range is great for natural pain relief while you are working, resting or playing sport: click here for our activewear supports.

Body products include insoles, headbands and wristbands. Magnets 4 Therapy have two books containing information about magnetic therapy, covers for chairs and pads for your pet!

Body Products


12IS Insoles

Multi pole magnetic insoles. 3 layer composition-a comfortable Dupont Cool Max material next to the feet, then 1750 gauss flexible magnetic layer laminated to a high density cushioning layer on the bottom. Trim to size.
PRICE: $AU 100.00


23NH Neodymium Headband

Comfortable Stretch cotton band with 2x10,000 gauss neodymium magnets. Ideal for headache: move magnets so they sit over the site of pain for 30 minutes.
PRICE: $AU 45.00


22NW Neodymium Wristband

Comfortable Stretch cotton band with 2x10,000 gauss neodymium magnets. Magnets attached using velcro for movement.
PRICE: $AU 45.00

Special Products


14 Neomag Single Magnet

A 10,000 gauss neodymium magnet - maximum strength. Apply with soft side to skin: best fixed with 3M's micropore tape. For best results use while sleeping (maximum 8 hours daily).
PRICE: $AU 15.00


13CCCS Comfort Cushion: Chair Support

Ideal for anyone spending a lot of time sitting down: truck drivers, executives, students. Made from hard wearing soft velour material fitted with sixty (60) 3950 gauss magnets
PRICE: $AU 375.00


16PETP Pet Pad

Your pet can benefit also from the therapeutic properties of the magnetic pet pad. Made from a sturdy industrial strength velour & foam this pad has the same large 3950 gauss magnets used in our bedding products. The cover is removed easily for washing.

Three sizes available:
Small (15"x20") 36 magnets
PRICE: $AU 225.00
Medium (28"x32") 72 magnets PRICE: $AU 275.00
Large (28"x42") 108 magnets
PRICE: $AU 395.00


19DMHB Discovery of Magnetic Health Book

Over 300 pages of "must read" information for everyone interested in magnetic health.

Contains essential facts and case studies and is written in an easy to understand format.
PRICE: $AU 20.00


Book of Magnetic Healing by Roger Coghill

Comprehensive guide for using natural magnetism for pain relief and healing. Includes information on how to protect yourself from harmful electropollution in your environment. A great read.
PRICE: $AU 20.00

Magnetic products are not recommended for use by those individuals with pacemakers, internal insulin pumps or any other electro medical
devices and are not recommended during pregnancy.
Keep magnets away from computer disks, video and audio cassettes and credit cards.
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personal training



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