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magnets4therapy is owned and run by me, Linda Baseley a Massage and Tactile Therapist for 13 years, I am also a personal trainer with a history of injury management.

I first became passionate about the use of magnets when I used them on my daughter instead of drugs and saw great results.

I have used magnets on my family, my friends, my pets and in my clinic for the past 10 years. It was those people in my life that inspired the range of  products I designed. I just wanted to a make a difference to a few peoples lives.

Magnets aren’t for everybody, but for those of you who do enjoy using magnetic products I hope you enjoy the effort and energy that i have put into creating a good quality product in magnets4therapy.


If you are interested in furthering your understanding of magnetic therapy, magnets4therapy have available the books Discovery of Magnetic Health and The Book of Magnetic Healing by Roger Coghill.

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Further Information

Because we are not allowed to direct you to any sites that make reference for and against the use of magnetic therapy and the types of conditions that people use them for, we have removed our links from this site and apologise that we cannot provide you with more information.

However if you have exhausted the list of books mentioned on the subject please feel free to call our office and we will assist you further.

Disclaimer: Magnets 4 Therapy does not diagnose, prescribe, or make any medical claims. Magnetic therapy is not intended to replace medical advice or prescriptions. If you have a medical condition, consult your doctor prior to use. No guarantee to the effectiveness is made with the use of magnetic therapy products as individual results may vary. The information and links supplied are not meant to mislead merely to provide you with additional information for and against magnetic therapy to assist you to make an informed purchasing decision.


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