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These stylish stainless steel bracelets are great Each bracelet has nine (9) 3,000 gauss Neodymium Magnets. Each one 8" long and easily adjusted to size.
Price per bracelet: $AU 60.00

style gs11 style ss10


These stylish stainless steel necklaces contain 3,000 gauss magnets and are designed for the neck and shoulder regions.
Price per necklace:
$AU 110.00
Magnetic products are not recommended for use by those individuals with pacemakers, internal insulin pumps or any other electro medical devices and are not recommended during pregnancy. Keep magnets away from computer disks, video and audio cassettes and credit cards.

Active Wear Supports

Lightweight and supportive magnets4therapy's
Active Wear supports include strategically placed magnets to provide maximum coverage. These products may be worn while working, playing sport or resting.
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